Things Singles Should Work on When Preparing for Marriage

Many of us who maybe single may be in a relationship or preparing to get marred this year. The question that should be on our mind, is are we ready for marriage or a relationship. Today I have take my time, to tell you the “Things Singles Should Work on When
Preparing for Marriage”.

Become Emotionally Available: There are many singles in the world, and I have meet only few who may have a
lot going for them like career, finances
And many more. But on a serious note,
emotionally they are unavailable. This may be due to unsettled hurt from their past relationships or attached to someone that we are not in a relationship with. We mistrust other and build walls around our heart. Due to their pass relationship.
For us to have a healthy relationship,
we should be willing to work through with our emotion and forgive our past ex-lovers. We should try to forget the pass and face the future.

Be Physically Prepared for A Relationship: we should be Physically Prepared for a Relationship by eating food for smoothness of the skin,try to avoid body odor, take your bath regularly, try to stand out in every thing you do.

Never Neglect Your Spiritual Well Being: this helps a lot, as a Christian or muslim, it will be best if you draw God to your personal life. Remember the bible says gives what belongs to Caesar to Caesar and God to God. When you neglect the activities of God will definitely neglect you.

If you have anything to add to this kindly let us know.

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