WorldCup2018: A Group Of Mexican Fans Came To Russia With a Cardboard Photo Of Their Friend Whose Wife Didn’t Let Go


A Group of Mexican friends at the world cup currently happening in Russia are either goals or gross!!!

A cardboard photo of their friend all the way from Mexico to Russia? You read that right.

For some reason their friend’s wife had better options for their friend who declined the offer to go for the world cup at the discretion of his wife

You know what they say about men and football? Isn’t it interesting to know there is a man who will forfeit football at the simple demand of his wife?

That might just by chance happen if both are newly married….or for some other exclusive reasons…

Did this extra friends of his who took a Cardboard  paper of him to Russia stop at that? You know like get to Russia and toss the cardboard aside to make room for the real humans to enjoy the world cup experience in Russia?

Hell nah!! 

They took it way farther than that… I Mean like way farther!!!

Below are the images of how far they took their friend’s cardboard clone.

Cadboard Mexican Man striking a pose With Friends In Russia. Via:@footballstuff


Cardboard Man enjoying the Game at Russia2018 World Cup via: @Footballstuff


Cardboard Man Taking a Piss With His friend After The Match in Russia2018 World Cup via: @footballstuff

Mexican Cardboard Man settling to sleep after a long day in Russia2018 World Cup. Via: footballstuff

His friends are obviously extra…while this is many people’s friendship goals

Many more people. Find this gross or just weird. 

Which one is it for You?

We want to hear from all of you in the comment session. 


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