Russia2018: Psychic Pig Predicts Nigeria And Argentina For World Cup Semi-Finals

This psychic pig named Mystic Marcus is famous for it’s record of sniffing out winners, It  predicted trump’s victory as the United State’s president before he won

The black micro pig. Mystic Marcus also has an impeccable record of predicting sports results accurately according to its owner

It had previously guessed the winner of the 2014 world cup and the Wimbledon tennis finals. According to it’s owner Juliette Stevens, a farmer and a micro pig breeder from Heage, Derbyshire.

Mystic Marcus who has about 30 children and grandchildren Predicts in this manner

He picks from apples of similar shapes and colours to make it as fair as possible. The apples would include markers, like flags or pictures and Marcus will gobble down the winner.

In this manner Marcus has predicted Nigeria and Argentina for Semi Finals and as the world cup kicks off.

We are looking forward to the accuracy or inaccuracy of mystic Marcus’ prediction 


Do you think Nigeria will make it to the semi finals of the world cup currently ongoing in Russia?

Share your thoughts with us in the comment session. 





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