Skales To Release his Album? PAUSE!

So apparently, on his way to the Grammy he has been heading for some 5-6 years now the first item on the agenda for Skales after a painful EME exit is to put out an album… Alright lets take a moment to analyze why putting out an album right now is a really really bad idea.

The title of the album is said to be “Pursuit Of Happiness”, quite apt considering we all agree he is still pursuing happiness in some way. But lets take a moment to revisit the reasons why Skales had to exit EME… No wait, exit is not the right word. I think what I meant to say was “Why he did not get a contract renewal offer from EME”.

Skales his a great singer, rapper not so much but he sings pretty well when he decides to. His song on the EME collaborative album titled “My Baby” was very easily the best song off that compilation. Then he had one pretty mad single back then, Denge Pose was it? And that did the rounds for a minute. So obviously the problem was not his inability to make decent music or music you can dance to.

Without faith we are nothing, and the moment your management as well as fans lose faith in your ability to hit the big time you have to be super careful. Ever since his EME exit (Oh I did it again), he has found a new level of drive. Putting out music week in week out and he even scored a mild hit with Shake Body (That song is an absolute jam by the way). He has only started gannering everyone’s attention again and getting people to listen. This means momentum needs to build, he needs to keep working. It is hardly the time for an album.

I think it is good advice to gather momentum some before taking that leap. For right now it would be a leap of disaster. Personally I would like to pride myself on the fact that I buy most A list albums that come out of the industry the moment they are available online and once in a while I do the hard copy on the streets just for the support. But I will not buy a Skales album at this moment except track 1-20 all sound like Shake Body & My Baby. He hasn’t defined a style yet, he seems to still be testing the waters, which is not completely terrible except he has taken too long. Wise move would be to first stop being a jag of all trades and be a master of something. Stop trying to do highlife and rap like an American while you are also competing for singer of the year (with autotune). You gotta know what your strengths are first before selling yourself as a product. Else you are just selling a recipe for disaster.

Skales Is Releasing An Album gets a giant WTF from our editors. It’s simply not the time and he is not ready. He can not afford for it to flop like his time with EME so why not take time and get it right? What is the rush all about?

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