Signs He Will Be Good In Bed

Most ladies want a man who will love them and will be fantastic on bed.

He dresses well: a man who is in love with fashion loves life. 95% of ladies/woman wants a man who is good looking

If he’s let himself go and doesn’t care at all about
looks he’ll probably be lazy in bed.

He’s a good dancer: a man who is grate in dancing, sure do know how to be good on bed. Eg. Chris Brown, p-square and other people.

He’s good with money: Sure we know Money can’t buy love. Lots can be told, about a man from his relationship with his money.
Thought, if he’s tight with money
there’s a good chance he’ll hold back in bed too.

He’s a great talker: hmm, just like me azoka.

He’s a fantastic kisser: hmm though, I love kiss more than sex.
Sure you can tell a man by the way he kisses. If he refrains from kissing your throat , he won’t rush you into sex and that means you can expect foreplay

Body language doesn’t lie: definitely, it don’t. Every body communicate with there body,When it comes to talking sex, the body doesn’t lie.

Let me know your views.

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