Bukola Saraki Denies Robbery Accusations By The IGP

Bukola Saraki was called out for questioning on his alleged involvement in the offa Robert of April 5 which posed threats to over 30 people and took the lives of 9 people some of which were pregnant women.

The IGP after various inspections called upon Bukola Saraki at the Abuja headquarters for questioning, although he denied his involvement in the accusation.

The five gang leaders and 17 of their members are strongly pointing accusatory fingers at him.

They stated. That he sponsored the Robbers who admitted to being his Thugs.

A plate number belonging to Saraki’s convoy was found among the cars they used to carry out the Robbery.

The Kwara state Governor and  Bukola Saraki are still of the stance that they had no involvement with the hoodlums and should be responsible for their own crime and not drag them into the mud

Many Nigerians since the incident have been of The opinion that this is another scandalous accusation to tarnish the name of the opposition party. PDP.

And even members of the PDP nationwide are of the same opinion.

The question now is, Is this another PDP and APC party blackmail scandal or is Bukola Saraki truly responsible for this Scandalous Robbery and shooting?


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