Nigerian Parties Wey Dey Burst Brain (With Photo)

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Nigerian Parties Wey Dey Burst Brain – The three major tribes (Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo) with their exclusive tales and lifestyle, make Nigeria a never ending soap opera. The different cultural perspective is a major feature of everything we do. You hear stereotypic statements like”Igbo man too like money“, “A Yoruba man can never be trusted” and “Hausa people are fanatic and extremist“. The real question is: Of the WAZOBIA, who doesn’t like money? Who can really be trusted? And Who has a dominant control over his/her emotions? To lose some of these tension, we party and these are some distinctive features of the Nigerian parties.

By the way WA-ZO-BIA (a word for summing up the major Nigerian tribes) is derived from ‘Come’ in all 3 major languages in Nigeria. ‘Come’ is ‘Wa’ is Yoruba, ‘Zo’ in Hausa, and ‘Bia’ in Igbo. Clear, yeah?


Where there is food for everybody, Yoruba people refer to it as “Owambe“. The Asoebi (a trend across the WAZOBIA thanks to these guys) is a fashion statement at their parties depicting different societal groups or family affiliations.


Meals are best described as disproportionate; you have a large chunk of either fish or meat, as the case may be, but a small mould of either amala or iyan in either obe ewedu or obe egusi.

For drinks, they would take a lot of fruit juice, soft drinks and a few beer bottles (only in comparison to Igbo parties).

Whether it’s a rich or a poor man celebrating, a Yoruba party is always big. A Yoruba person wouldn’t mind taking a loan just to throw a massive party, and then stick to Garri (Cassava sprinkles)and Epa (groundnut) for the rest of the year.

The required ticket to get into a Yoruba party is your ankara.

yoruba fashion

Eni ti o ba wo ankara o le je semo – Person wey no wear ankara no go chop semo

Yoruba parties are also characterized by the many money changers (where they get fresh mint Naira notes, I don’t know) and those drummers that will hail you so much, you begin to feel like the President of “AFRICA”. Their parties literally shut down streets.

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