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Whitney Houston’s Bible Is Up for Sale At $95,000




Late Iconic Singer, Whitney Houston’s Bible which she left behind at her apartment while moving out is currently being auctioned for 95 thousand Dollars!! 

Whitney left the Bible behind when she moved out of the Newport Beach luxury home she rented.

In 2011, About one year before her tragic demise.

Her former landlord found the Bible together with other not so valuable items; CDs and cloths  by the trashcan after she moved out

He confirmed signing some non disclosure  agreement and contacting Whitney’s agent at the time about the bible but was told to keep it. He has now put up the Bible for sale through Moments in Time 

The Land lord, who sold the house in 2012 Trashed the other items but kept the Bible, because he found it interesting.

The Bible, reportedly has Whitney’s hand written records of her Personal details

Like marriage and birth.

“Whitney made her mark in the world and such item of hers shouldn’t be auctioned out but kept in a museum”

Many have since then said…


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