Starting This Sunday Women In Saudi Arabia Will Now Be Allowed To Drive!!!

Saudi Arabia Lifts Driving Ban On Women Of Saudi Arabia

Many people do not even know Saudi Arabian Women are so oppressed that they can’t even drive their own cars for the simple reason that they are women and car driving is restricted to men only

Can you believe also that some of these women have advocated so hard for women’s right to drive in Saudi Arabia to the extent that many of them are currently serving Jail terms for this


We do hope that now that the ban has been lifted and women can now drive the streets of Saudi Arabia we hope that those women would be freed also.

Currently women in Saudi Arabia had the best time today as even police men handed them flowers, their husbands cheered them and manu of them had so much tears to shed at the recent development


Which is a good sign that these women are having a great sense of freedom and acceptance

One of the city’s wealthiest man said

Prince Alwaleed bin Talal,  one of the country’s wealthiest man posted a video at 12.01am local time (10.01pm BST) of himself with his daughter Rim at the wheel.

Mummy is not driving a buggy, but a real car,” he said. “Saudi Arabia has finally entered the 21st century.”

Indeed Saudi Arabia Has finally entered 21st century!!!

Pretty late i must say. But you know what they say about better late than late!


Indeed this is good news given that women driving is not just a luxury but a necessity.

And we are as excited as these Arab women C

ongratulations to Saudi Arabia and het Women!!!

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