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Must Read:The Real Reason Why France President Visited Fela Shrine

-Must Read:The Real Reason Why France President Visited Fela Shrine

You have pretty much been wondering why President of France came all the way from France to Lagos

Just for an evening at the Fela Shrine

I bet you are not the only one burdened with that exact curiosity.

However. It might interest you to know that Governor of Lagos State Akinwunmi Ambode shed light on the reason why

The French president payed Nigeria such a warm visit.

The event was tagged “Celebrate African Culture” 

Emmanuel Macron was the international guest of honour. 

Beyond the obvious reason which is to celebrate African culture

President macron’s visit was also to signal the advent of a brand new collaboration between France and Lagos state.

You might ask what kind of collaboration:

Well, It is in a quest to make Lagos state the Culture and Entertainment capital of the nation.

While for France, it is an successful approach at strengthening her ties with Africa.

Below are some of the governor’s words

President Macron’s visit is expected to signal the dawn of a new collaboration between France and Lagos State in the quest to make the state the culture and entertainment capital of Africa.

“The event is also about celebrating African culture which was a positive step for France as it sought to rebuild its relationship with Africa.”

President Macron also admonished the Nigerian youths to be more involved in the political affairs of Nigeria.

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