Kirk Franklin: I Could Have Done More For My Sister

Kirk Franklin via: Google Images

Kirk Franklin the award winning American gospel singer has shared a very bad news  about his sister on Monday 

He took to his Instagram Page to share about his sister who was recently sentenced to 30 years imprisonment. Certainly a bad way to start the first Monday of the week.

She is reportedly serving years imprisonment for drug trafficking

He reportedly has done everything in his power to prevent and stop his sister from drug but sadly, she did not listen. She unfortunately chose the wrong path.

According to Kirk, he now feels the weight of wondering if there was more he could have done for his sister that he didn’t do.

It is not alien at all to feel that way, don’t we all? When we have done everything in our power to drag a loved one out of the mud but all our efforts are not paid attention to or regarded?

Such is the case for the Black American Gospel act Kirk Franklin.

Via: Instagram

That is a screenshot of what he shared on his Instagram page and how fans have since then reacted. 

Via: Instagram


If you know any one suffering from drug addiction. 

Please refer them to the appropriate authorities in your region. 




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