Justice For Luz: Four Year Old Killed While Mummy Tied her Shoes

 – Justice For Luz: Four Year Old Killed While Mummy Tied her Shoes 

A four years old girl identified as  Luz Gonzalez has been killed in a hit and run by a Brooklyn woman driving an SUV 

She ran over the girl and hit the mother while her mother bent over at the sidewalk to tie her shoes.

From the footage and reports, she had been skating on the sidewalk near the parking lot when one of her shoes fell off

Luz called out to her mother and reported her missing shoes to her

Her mother asked her to go and get it which she did and while her mother was helping her tie her shoes at the side walk

The SUV drove out on reverse and ran the girl over, Injuring the mother.

She did not stop to know the state of the child she just hit, instead drove off as though nothing happened

Luz and the woman who ran her over

The killer identified as Jeannette Maria drove along into the road.

Leaving the to child die in her mother’s arms.

‎Before she could make it to the hospital. 

When Jeannette was apprehended few blocks away, she claimed to not have known she hit someone

She also was allowed to go on her merry way because her brother is an NYPD Sergent

The killer Jeannette and her family even threatened to call ICE on Luz Gonzalez family if they press charges.

Given, they are not legally residing in Brooklyn

Forcing the grieving and Injured mother to silence and injustice for her dead child.

She is scared to fight for justice for her daughter because of her legal status.

It is appalling because no mother should be made to feel that way. Immigrant or no Immigrant.

Luz grieving mother holding her picture

It is also reported that so far no charges has been pressed on the driver.

Due to no legal action has been taken

Many people as an act of getting justice for the girl and her mother have been gathering at the place the incident took place.

In front of laundromat at 5pm and then March to the 83rd precinct to pray

This is indeed very very sad and we hope that justice will be granted the woman and her dead child and the offender prosecuted

May the soul of the deceased rest in peace.



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