“I’m not bothered that people think I am arrogant”- Wizkid



“I’m not bothered that people think I am arrogant”- Wizkid

In a fresh interview with Encomium magazine, Nigerian Musician, star boy aka Wizkid said he doesn’t give a damn if people think he is arrogant, that he doesn’t love everybody and so he doesn’t expect everybody to love him. He also cleared the air on Samklef and Saeon.

This was how the interview went. Linda Ikeji gathered questions he was asked and how he answered it.

He was asked if it bothers him that people think he’s arrogant, Wizkid answered;

“Bother me? Never! I am not bothered. Honestly I don’t hear people saying it because anytime I go out, I show my fans great love. I do my thing. I don’t have problem with that because I don’t love everybody as well. So I don’t expect everybody to love me too. That’s life”

Wizkid was asked if he is a terrible person, Wizkid answered;

“Terrible? Everyone has opinion about people. But when they say Wizkid is terrible, you need to ask them, “Why is Wizkid a terrible person? What did he do? For four years, I was making music with Samklef, everyone knew his house. I was going up and down, shouting, Samklef Nor Ni. That’s me, I am just trying to be a good person. Whereas everyone cannot like you and everyone cannot hate you” he said.

He was asked if fame has in anyway changed him, Wizkid answered

“No, fame has not changed Wizkid. The only thing fame has changed in Wizkid is that I added some accessories. I have got nice chains, watches, and nice clothes. Asides that, I am still Wizkid. I no tall, still same height”

Wizkid also reacted to his recent controversy with female singer Saeon, he said

“Oh really? She’s bitter about it. I didn’t see the allegation but I gave her hit song. I no try? I did my part. I was in the studio with her, gave her hit song. I no try? That’s not even how much I charge for collaboration, I charge N10 million. I collected N1.5 million from her because of love. I was busy, I didn’t want to do it” he said”

He was asked about his comment that he doesn’t charge those he loves, Wizkid answered;

“Yeah I don’t charge people I love. I said so but when someone is on your neck everyday for a collaboration and she offers you money, won’t you collect it? If you fail to collect it, they start calling you terrible person. I am just trying to be a good guy”

He was asked about his fashion sense, Wizkid answered;

“Fresh! Am I not looking fresh? I have always loved chains a lot. For me, I also see chains as investment because they ar gold and diamond. You can always sell anything gold and diamond. It is like an investment for me”.

On why he loves to flaunt his accessories on social media, Wizkid answered;

“You know now. I didn’t have accessories when I started my career. Did you see me wearing bling-bling when I did Hola at your boi? No! I hustled to get money to buy
them and there is no crime if I show it or flaunt it to my fans because they gave me money to buy them” he said

Asked on where he invests his money, Wizkid answered;

“I will say property but most importantly Jewelry. Do you know how much I can sell this chain on my neck when I get broke, God forbid? It’s money and to me it’s investment. I don’t spend money on foolish things. I spend moderately. Besides I am a grown man. I have problems too. I have a child I am taking care of. I have responsibilities, believe it or not” he said

Asked if he is expecting another child, Wizkid answered;

“Expecting wetin? Did I tell you I am expecting a child? Yes I didn’t tell you guys when I was expecting my first child because people wanted to kill me but Honestly, nothing like that I am not expecting any child now”

Asked if he is getting married anytime soon, Wizkid hissed and said “Wedding? No!”

I smell arrogance and pride. Let me keep my mouth shut for now. Thanks to Linda Ikeji for the interview text.

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