Government Is Proposing Ankara And Aso-Oke To Be Used As School Uniform


Bukola Saraki, The Senate President Of Nigeria has revealed the intention of the Nigerian Government to remodel school Uniforms.

Into Nigerian made Ankara and Aso-eke materials to reduce the importation of materials

And further expand the Made in Nigeria Market

Which the senate president has been particularly passionate about.

The senate president, met with Aso-eke Traders in Kwara state

To discuss the issue and hear their take on the possibility of it

Although, enlarging the made in Nigeria market and reducing export would be a good development for the economy of the nation

Many people are of the opinion that the Ankara material is not such a good idea for students uniforms

Given that it is, too thick and might not be convenient for the students who wear it almost everyday

Others are for a fact very much in support of the Idea and wants it to take effect as soon as possible

Below is the tweet from the senate president

And some of the reactions from Nigerians.






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