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FG has Increased Maternity Leave From 2 Months To 4 Months

The federal Government. Represented by The Minister of Labour and Employment, Senator Chris Ngige at the 107th International Labour Conference held in Geneva, Switzerland Declared the increase in maternity leave for women which is now 16 weeks instead of 12 weeks.

  “To allow enough recuperation time for both baby and mother in terms of breastfeeding.”

He further adviced women to seek legal action against discrimination and abuse at the work place. 

Women who fall victims to these abuses are encouraged to oppose such through legal actions as well as report to labour inspectors,’’ he said

He adviced women to fight for their rights as equality in the workplace is their right and they must not let any employee get away with treating and regarding them as less.

He said:

the most effective method of eliminating gender inequality from the workplace lies in vigorous opposition to employers’ discriminatory conducts, policies and harassment in all forms whenever they occur

He butressed on the need to make available appropriate legislation, policies and practices to eliminate the gender inequality  which hinder   greater participation of women in the economy.


“Employers of labour are also barred from removal of women from work due to their marital status”



He made it public that the employers of Labour in the public and private sectors were by regulations requested to provide workplace crèches for nursing mothers for ease at workplace 

He has called for the assistance of The international Labour Association ILO.

We do hope that structures to back up the hasty realistic implementation of this extravagant speech by the Minister be made available as soon as possible.

To ease out and hopefully put an a ruby end to  the stress, women, pregnant women and others go through in the hands of most employees in the private and public sector.






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