Chris Brown Gets Two Lawsuits Off His Back, Paid $120,000 To Settle Both

Chris Brown popular American singer and actor may have a slightly lighter pocket at the moment, but he has at least gotten rid of the stress surrounding two lawsuits filled against him. Both originated from separate assault cases, the first and toughest, being the much publicised fight in Washington, D.C., and the second, originated from the time Breezy got into a fight with Frank Ocean and crew outside a recording studio in Los Angeles.

Reports confirmed that American singer Chris Brown settled the civil lawsuit from The Washington, D.C. assault amicably by paying over $100,000. The case was settled in court recently when Breezy’s lawyer finalised a whopping plea deal for the singer, so he was able to avoid going to jail. The second lawsuit christ Brown got off his back from the studio fight was filed by a cousin to Frank Ocean for $3 million. It was reported that “Sha’Keir Duarte” who is the cousin of Frank Ocean didn’t end up getting as much as he asked for, but got $20,000, which seems to be a large sum. Christ Brown ended up paying $120,000 to get the two lawsuits off his back.

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