How To Become Famous

Become Famous

How To Become Famous

Everybody wants to become famous, in respect of the persons reputation, or dignity I mean everyone wants to be famous. We have decided to teach you how to become famous, especially the up coming artists, seeking for promotion, fame and money. Before I continuing you should beware of two things. Being famous don’t mean you are going to be rich. famous dudes are always busy ;). We will also teach you how to take advantages of being famous. Some people get famous lucky or accidentally. To become Famous you have to do what you love doing. below are some

Killing tips on how to become famous

Find Your Talent 

Finding your talent is an easy way to become famous. because you can only be successful in doing what you love doing best. below are some few list that will guide you to find your talent to  be famous

  • What do you want to be famous for: This is a personal question you should ask your self “What Can i be famous for”
  • Have a Mentor: Having a mentor will help you a lot to be like that person. for example if you love singing, you should have  a famous singer such as Rhianna, Chris Brown, Davido, John Legend, Rick Ross and many other successful famous singer, same applies as a comedian, you should have them as mentors,
  • Associate with people better than you: this is a successful step. the kind of people you associate with will determine the kind of person you want to be.


Be Unique

Being unique will make you stand out, instead of copy and past. You have to craft your own style and bring out your best.

  • Don’t Think More On becoming Famous: try to do your very best, and don’t  any opportunities around you, grab all opportunities

Learn To Read

There is a saying that says ” Readers are Leaders” a lot of us are scared of reading. Although it is kind of boring.(Facts) but you have to cultivate the habit of learning not just reading alone. The Internet is there same as books. you can alway ask questions from friends and families.

  • To be a famous Lawyer you have to read as much books as you can.

Create Opportunities

who said opportunities comes but once? I say that’s a lie. If you wait for opportunities and you don’t get one. you create them. you should learn to let people to alway notice you 🙂

  • Package Yourself or Brand yourself: if you want to be famous, you have to act like someone famous or act like a salesman, who wants to market his product. your manner of approach , speaking, and dress matters  a long way.

Learn to Risk Failures

you should have confident in yourself and in your brand, you have to put yourself out there for success. If you think, “I’ll never get that part in that play, so I’ll just not try out,” you’re definitely right. You’ll never get it. But  if you give it a try, you may surprise yourself.

Maintain Being Famous:

Yes that;s right, you have to maintain being famous, you have to trend when  it is trending. don’t be left behind, always stay put.

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