Barber Who Set Himself ON Fire Around Omole Estate, Lagos Dies!

-Barber Who Set Himself ON Fire Around Omole Estate, Lagos Dies!-

A man identified as Ahmed, a barber reportedly set himself on fire on a road leading to Omole Estate, Near Akiodo, Lagos State .

The Man reportedly emerged on the road on Wednesday holding a five liters jerrycan of fuel.

alarmingly, He halted, poured the fuel all over himself and reportedly brought out a match box with which he lit himself up

A passerby ran to him and started putting out the fire, using a piece of thorn carton,

some others joined him with water while others stood there taking pictures of the incident.

According to an eyewitness:

 “I saw him pouring the fuel on himself but I thought it was water. Within seconds, he brought out a pack of matches from his pocket and set himself ablaze. Fortunately, a food seller close to the gate had some water. A man quickly took the water to put out the fire. Some people and I joined him. It was strange to me.”

Ahmed, however, died shorty after he was rescued by the officials of Lagos Ambulance service

According to reports, Ahmed had owned a barber shop around the area which he later closed down and started roaming the streets

He began to beg from hand to mouth, doing drugs which is reportted to have rendered him mentally unstable before the alarming incident.

Here is how an eye witness Samuel Described him

“Many people around here know him. He used to be a decent person before he suddenly changed as a result of drugs. He lived with his family within this community and they are aware of his plight,” she said.

Here is what another eye witness also said:

He was a barber and used to have a shop around Akiode. He closed the shop sometime ago and started roaming about the neighbourhood. He smoked a lot which I think affected his brain.

“Two days ago, I met him on the road and talked to him that he needed to change. I told him that I would take him to church next Sunday for special prayers. He asked me to buy roasted corn for him which I did after he assured me he would follow me to the church.”


The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, CSP Chike Oti, confirmed the incident but said he is yet to be briefed on his death.


Via; Punch.

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