Asa And Award Winning Actress Lupita N’yongo Profess Love To Each Other


Asa And The Award Winning Actress Lupita N’yongo profess love to each other

Soul Nigerian singer Asa has professed her love for award-winning Hollywood actress, Lupita N’yongo and the actress did nothing but returned the favour.

Asa who released her third album “Bed of stone” recently Shared a picture taken with the Hollywood Actress with the caption “Last night I met this beautiful lady. I love and admire you, Lupita N’yongo  #inspired ‘No matter where you are from, your dreams are valid.’

Lupita shared the same picture on her timeline with the caption ‘Not only did I meet one of my favorite artists tonight, but I also learned she has a new album!!! #Asa #BedOfStone’.

Asa is a good singer and Lupita an incredible actress. Good for both of them.

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