A Must Read:Oyo State Govt Shuts Down Popular Bodija Market as Police And Butchers Clash

-A must read: Oyo State Govt Shuts Down Popular Bodija Market Over clash between police and Butchers


On Thursday the Oyo State government shut down popular Bodija Market in Oyo state over a bloody clash between police men and Butchers

More than four people are reportedly dead from the shoot out

Information reaching us from the official handle of the Oyo state government says that the shut down is to protect the lives of the citizenry.

They added that it is also to prevent the ongoing violence at the market from spreading out to other parts of the state. 

After gunshots were heard at the market and its environs. They reached the above conclusion.

The government had directed the Butchers in the market to relocate to a new abattoir outside the town.

But they refused to comply to the directive

The bloody shootout is reported to have ensued after the Butchers accused their leaders of taking gratification from the government.

In other to support and agree with the relocation directive.

Traders vacated the market while shops were shot down as the clash escalated!

Below are the written notice from the Oyo state Twitter handle.

They  explained more with a second tweet which provided further details into incident


If you have friends, families or acquaintances in Oyo state do well  to alert them to stay off that environment till further notice! 



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