Little Known Dangers Of Sleeping Without Brushing Your Teeth

Most people are shocked to hear this, but going to bed without brushing your teeth is like going to bed with faeces in your mouth according to dentists.
How can that be? Every time you have a meal, the bacteria that naturally reside in your mouth feast on the food you eat.

Just like every other living organism, these bacteria excrete waste after a meal. This waste is highly acidic and breaks down tooth enamel, causing root decay and cavities.

Brushing is important for reasons beyond fresh breath. Skip a session, and you are on your way to encouraging the growth of bacterial buildup in the form of plaque, which can lead to cavities and gum

According an article by Dr. Mark Burhenne, a family health dentist, “When you hit the sack without brushing, plaque starts to harden and calcify on your teeth. Once plaque has calcified, it’s impossible to

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