#WCW: Jemima Osunde, “Rumour Has It” Ranti.

Jemima Osunde, the young and talented actress of Edo decent, has been in the movie industry for quite some time now. Currently studying Medicine in the University of Lagos, she started her career as an actress first in “Jungle Jewel” after being encouraged by her uncle to give acting a try.

She then moved on to be one of the characters in the popular TV/Web series MTV Shuga, where she became more notable. She has moved on to playing other roles in other projects and is quickly becoming a household name.

Here’s why we love her: 

Her role in the series Rumour Has It kept us on the edge of our sits. This young lady right here is a fire in a beautiful little chinaware. Her beauty, passion, intelligence, and consistency has us crushing hard on her.

If you haven’t seen any of the movies she’s in or her latest appearance in #RumourHasIt, read up and go check them out on YouTube.

Meanwhile, see below the different shades of the very talented Jemima, in and out of character: 

  1. The devious “Ranti” in #RumourHasIt:

2. Shopgirl/Boss lady “Toun” in #NewMoney: Jemima Osunde

3. Sweet and opinionated “Leila” in #SHUGA:

And other lovely photos of the actress:


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