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Style Spotlight! Top 8 Celebrities’ style that stole our attention all week.

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”- Rachel Zoe , top American fashion designer.

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Haven’t you ever wondered why most (if not all) celebrities hire fashion stylist and personal brand experts? It’s a curious one. I mean, what’s the big deal anyway? Isn’t it enough to just wear a few nice clothes while they do their thing? Well, Not exactly.

Fashion is one thing that’s taken really seriously in the entertainment industry, not just in Nigeria but all over the world. Celebrities are expected to look a certain way and more so, looked upon for inspiration. So, they have to live up to this expectation. That pretty much explains it, doesn’t it?

Another good reason is that musicians, actors, artists, social media influencers and a host of other public figures love to express themselves and so would want to portray a style that reflects all of or a fraction of who they are.

Just like Rachel Zoe rightly said, it is a form of self-expression, which makes us love them all the more, and gets us inspired to create our own style or mirror theirsIn this case, you’ll agree with me that fashion speaks much louder than words or music, as the case may be. 

So, our Spotlight Stunners for this Sunday are some of the most amazing individuals and celebrities we know and love.

Here they are, and the 8 styles that held us spellbound this past week:

  1. Sorry guys, but Adekunle Gold has got to be our no. 1 on the list.  This lovely photo was taken by the amazing celebrity-style photographer Yitschaq Abia @Mr_adore for the album launch of  “About 30“. Known for his signature Afrocentric style, this picture captures a sophisticated and stylish Adekunle Gold in a different light. Perhaps, a reflection of what we find in his new album. Fine wine!Adekunle Gold

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