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Love and laughter; Watch this hilarious video of an old couple kicking it!

old couplePhoto credit: izismile.com

Don’t we all just love love? Especially when it feels and looks so good (’cause it does). But we sometimes forget that love isn’t just about shared feelings. It’s more about friendship, laughter and going through hard times and still choosing to stay together.

It isn’t 14th February but we gotta show off this amazing couple having the time of their lives (even in their 70s!!!) Love can be sweet…and hilarious!!

After watching this, you definitely want you some old love like this. Don’t you? 

Even though I see no reason why people’s belief systems should be based on social media, the unfortunate reality is that social media hasn’t provided enough reason or examples for many young people to believe in “together forever”.

While we do not disregard the fact that it isn’t always rosy (as life isn’t), a few married couples, even some of our parents give us hope and show us that this-thing-called-love can be done, enjoyed and enjoyed again…for a very long time.

Samuel L. Jackson and wife, LaTanya Richardson Jackson (Hollywood actors and producers):

Samuel L. Jackson

Olu Jacobs and wife, Joke Silver (veteran Nollywood actors):

Olu Jacobs

It kind of reminds you of Justin Timberlake’s Mirrors:

So, my conclusion is- Love is beautiful, fun, adventurous, young and old! What’s your conclusion?

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