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Friend’s Of Ariana Grande Express Their Concern Over The Singer’s Spontaneous Engagement

and announced their engagement on Monday after just few weeks of dating.

Friends of the newly engaged lovebirds are indeed excited and happy for them. Given they are both adults and are allowed to know and do what they think is best for them.

But some of them are very much concerned about the spontaneous decision by the two to get engaged after dating for less than a month.

Both had started dating late last month after their respective break ups from actress Cazzie David and Rapper Mac Miller

Her friends said

“Ariana gets so excited about an idea and so set on making it happen that she doesn’t always think it through. We of course want her to be happy but this was a very quick lifetime decision. It’s a little worrisome and we fear it was so spontaneous it might not last. One thing is for sure, Peter does look very much In love and while they are young. They are certainly  old enough to make this decision on their own”

A lot of people are worried over this decision by the two love birds for sure. But they don’t seem to be having any regrets whatsoever at all and are set to tie the knot and live happily ever after sooner than later

We do hope, that it lasts and that their happiness knows no bound in their lifetime union. 





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