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Blog Publish Fake Networth and Biography About Laura Ikeji: Laura Ikeji Has An Epic Response.

Laura Ikeji Kanu, Wife of brother of past footballer Nnamdi Kani, Ognonna  Kanu and sister to popular blogger Linda Ikeji

Has been Falsely represented in a blog post that published her Net-worth and Biography.

In the blog post, she was termed a part time actress, and dancer  to which Laura Ikeji has come out to defend that she was never an actress nor a dancer

We do know Laura Ikeji  was a fitness trainer for a very long time before venturing into the business world of fashion where she is currently making waves.

She also published her bestselling book, HOW TO MAKE MONEY ON INSTAGRAM which added to her bio as an Author.

She also currently launched her perfume line which she claimed to sell out under 24 hours and even reported her website crashing due to too many traffic from people who wanted to place orders.

The blog post also published her net-worth as 1.2 million dollars which she laughed about.

Asking how they come up with such figures.

From such reactions we can gather that either the business woman and author is not worth up to that amount or she just doesn’t want to disclose her actual worth.

Concerning the biographical errors about her made by the blog, she has come out to clear the air with the accurate information.

Find screenshot below 



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