Here’s what this line on the palm of the hand reveals about your life and your personality

Learning to read the lines of the hand and find out what they reveal about the personality and behavior.

For thousands of years, men are curious about what reveal the lines of the hand about their temperaments. This discipline is also called palmistry. Similar different practices have developed such as tarot card readings, astrology or fortune telling.

Palmistry as a key to understanding of each personality has existed for over 5000 years. It was perfected over time and has been passed from generation to generation. In palmistry, there are three different lines: the head line, life line and the line of heart. The line of heart is what gives guidance on love life and on the state of the heart, as the body.

To find out what this line on the hand can teach us, it is necessary to delimit the first.
Heart of The line begins at the center of the hand on the edge of the palm towards the little finger and ends.
What is your heart line?

1. Among the proposed drawings, if the number 1 line represents your heart, you’re a very ambitious, very intelligent and independent. The problem with this line is that you are likely to show a kind of egocentrism or give the impression of being artificial.

2. People who have the line corresponding to drawing 2 are generally trustworthy, friendly and considerate. But this personality type tend to offer his heart very quickly. It is therefore important to learn to protect themselves when required, although this may take time.

3. As for the people with fitness with drawing number 3, they are calm and confident kind in single or couple.

4. Finally, the line of heart Number 4 tells us that this category of people are very patient, caring, warm and quiet.These profiles are indeed typically the most charitable of all.

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