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These Photos From Rita Dominic’s Birthday Dinner Will Make Your Day

Actress Rita Dominic celebrated her birthday few days ago and we all know her to be one of those few delectable Evergreen Nollywood divas we may never get over

And as she turned a year younger, she had a strictly by invitation dinner with a few colleagues and friends at the Sky Lounge and Restaurant In Eko Hotel and Suites, V. I. 

They say good things come in threes and if they come in more than threes?… Then they got to be great right?

Well this is with regards to Rita Dominic’s delectable birthday dinner which had the likes of Blessing Egbe, Femi Jacobs, Michelle Dede, Lanre DaSilva and many more in attendance

As for Rita, she was more than overwhelmed at the many turnout of friends, colleagues and loved ones

And here is what she had to say as she shared a photo from her birthday dinner

I feel so overwhelmed each year with your show of love and affection! You are so amazing! I wish I could thank each and everyone of you individually.. I pray that you all will be celebrated the way you have celebrated me! I love you and thanks for being there for me always!❤❤❤ #birthdaydinner

Now let’s get to the pictures spree that I am sure you are dying to get to aswell

The good news is I am super excited about sharing them with you too….so let’s go there!

Now I really do not believe in saving the best for last, I mean I believe in serving the best first and following up with super amazing more slays.

So here you have it, Rita in all her birthday glamour and probably the hottest we’ve seen the diva lately… Did you see the details? From hair, to make up, to Jewelries, to Jumpsuit, to shoes to toe nails.; A perfect Lady In red.

Like damn I am getting goose bumps from all these hotness she’s serving

Forgive me if I talk about Rita once more… Its her birthday dinner right? So it’s basically about her isn’t it? Well let’s gosh at her slay and how it brings super class to that of the gentleman in black beside her

Look at these work of art, these two that smile… Like oh my. Where do I start?? OK I’d leave justice to y’all on these two and the rest of the amazing slays at the birthday dinner… Enjoy The rest of the images below

You probably did not want this to end but what is a story without an ending? we’ve come to the end of these one and we’d love you to tell us your favourite out of them all


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