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See What Your Top Nollywood Divas Wore To Fela Shrine To Welcome President Macron

It sure is gonna take a while for us to get over the pleasure of being visited by President of France

However, here are sight for sore eyes Fashion statements your favourite nollywood divas stepped out to the occasion at the shrine on.

Genevieve Nnaji

Genevieve Nnaji apart from always stealing the spotlight with her unique demeanor and living standard.

She also steals the spotlight with her taste for fashion which is the definition of class… Just as she is the definition of classy.

Rita Dominic

How do we classify Rita’s Ageless Elegance? She in fact is among the few nollywood divas who have refused to age through time.

Rather, over the years she has remained beautiful and gets more beautiful by the day.

In this dress and with such poise , I can bet she stole the show on Tuesday night at the shrine

Omotola Ekeinde

Need I say she’s called Omo sexy for a reason?

Well, now you can see why she remains the sexiest actress in the block while maintaining class and poise.

40 has never looked better on any one. She most definitely made a huge fashion statement at the shrine.

Dakore Akande

Dakore Akande is known to make loud and complex statements with simple kit ups

Interestingly, here is not an exception…Her elegance cannot be overemphasized

“More is Less” does that phrase ring a bell?

Why wouldn’t it? When dakore simply dissected the phrase with her choice of style to the Fela shrine


Well, well, well, We have come to the end of this quick style review

We hope that you loved it and found an inspiration or two for your next event or just small get together.

Did you take notes? Because I for one most certainly did from these Screen Goddesses turned fashionable divas


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