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Hello Sunday: Casual Sunday Outfits You Should Definately Wear This Sunday

Hello Sunday: Casual Sunday Outfits You Should Definately Wear This Sunday

Yay, it’s Sunday! Having a happy Sunday already?

Or still stuck up somewhere in your room trying to figure out what outfit to wear(I definately know that feeling.. Lol) 

Or you are already tired and tucked in bed with phone in hand trying to see the perfect sunday outfit inspiration (Sometimes I give up totally and go back to sleep… I bet you can relate too.. Lol) 

Well, if you are any of the above listed or you just like to feed your eyes with some good ol fashion inspirations, then this article is for you….and me too, haha. 

Having in mind that the highlight of Sundays is colourful, trendy fashion styles to church, to occasions, or wherever the occasion demands it. 

We’ll be looking at all the amazing fashion statements you can make from just picking out one or two casual items from your wardrobe and making an unbelievable combo out of them 

You ready?… Well I am, so Let’s goooo!!! 

One time I created this flamboyant Sunday look with an armless top lying jobless in my wardrobe, one flay skirt I never wore due to not knowing how to combine it and ofcourse a pencil hill which changed the whole game for me, i did top it up with a black  hat and a purse. You bet I had all eyes on me admiring all day long.

I bet you didn’t know you could create this classy look out of that Ankara you haven’t worn in a while and that ripped Jean you would never consider an option for a Sunday outfit… Now you see?

Isn’t this the simplest Sunday casual combo and always drop dead a show stopper? There’s no better option when you are just in a Hurry to get to church or wherever on a Sunday and still look like you took your time  to be deliberately slayingggg.

Now I have a thing for this look, because it’s something you can create out of nothing every damn time and still look like a million bucks!… Who’s with me on this? So heeeylooo sisturrr! grab that pencil skirt and that random matching top, a purse, a marching shoe and ofcourse a  smile… We have a whole Sunday to slay

For the love of pencil skirts

For the love of pencil skirts

For the love of pencil skirts

Whaoaa!!!! I am definately rocking this combo out today once I am done bringing you more scoops of Sunday slays… (Yaaaah right)

Waiiiit a minute!  See that? If Simply amazing was a thing or an outfit, this would be it, most definitely! Well, that neck piece is timely, perfectly changes the game for this outfit detail. I am definately rocking this

 My Oh My. You see that? That’s what I call, Divine! The simplicity, yet the sophistication and ofcourse the elegance. Definately a show stopping Sunday fashion statement

What better way to end the Sunday casual outfit show than this? Well if there’s any you are gonna have to tell me what it is in the comment session

Also, remember to share with us which outfit inspired you the most.

We have come to the end of these Sunday fashion show.

I hope you enjoyed it….because  I sure did

Now let’s go into the world and Slay!!!

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