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See Your Favourite Big Brother Naija House Mates Sunday Fashion Slay

If you are a big brother Naija fan or just a fan of good old fashion then sit still and be served this Sunday Slay from your favourite big brother Naija housemates

Ceec And Nina

Ceec and Nina

Would we be out of place to call this two the slay Queens of BBN2018?

The two who became friendship goals when they got out of the big brother Naija house is also our Sunday fashion goals at the moment. Yay or Nah?

Miracle Ikechukwu

Miracle Ikechukwu

Well, well, well, here goes our Big Brother Naija Winner and Possibly Your man crush. Don’t you just love what you are seeing? Because I am drooling over this miraculous Sunday slay. Blue has never looked any better on a Sunday or has it?…. Well, I think not. Call me sentimental but just look at that slay… *Drooling*



Girrrrl!!! Are you a tower? Cos I’m falling for you! Here goes your woman crush Bambam serving the black and white detailed jumpsuit hot!!

Is it them shoes??  Bag and hair? Full package indeed!

When you hear the word sitting pretty! Bambam better be in your mind. Because she sure knows how to serves the look like Bambam!!!



Tobi!!! Wassuuup! Oh my Gosh! You know it takes a G. O. A. T To pull off a simple look at this in such an amazing way right?

Did you also notice them Red shoes? Yes, red shoes! Only Tobi would dare wear red shoes on an all black short and shirt and still look like a million bucks!!!

Alex Unsual

Alex Unusual

When Alex Told Us she was Unusual we can agree on this one that we weren’t ready for the many shades of unusual she serves every now and then

Today, you would agree with me she is serving the right shades of unusual with some purple toppings.

Them shoes and bag is a detail hard to pass any eyes. It’s just a usual kinda sturvvv you know.. *smiles*

Teddy A

Teddy A

When it comes to serving looks smoking hot you know Teddy A is the man to call

Are you seeing what I’m seeing? Because if you are then you’d agree with me Teddy A has stolen the show

You don’t agree with me? Well scroll up and pay attention to the details if you still don’t agree then it would be fair to say… We agree to disagree….*Tongues out

We have come to the end of the show for them Sunday slays.

I hope that you enjoyed the ride like I did?

Now how would I know that?

Unless of course, you drop a comment below!!

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