How To Fall Asleep in Less Than 1 Minute Every Night

The vast majority of people require seven to eight hours of sleep to feel fully rested, but 40 percent of Americans get less than that amount. That sleep debt has serious ramifications for productivity, motivation, and creativity, not to mention mood.

So what to do? It feels impossible to find the time to get those seven to eight hours of sleep every night when you’re trying to cram in a full day of top-tier work, plus some semblance of a social life, relaxation time, and a chance to reflect or meditate on it all.

One chunk of time you can easily repurpose beneficially is that agonizing 15-20 minutes (or more) it takes you to actually drift off once you’ve hit the

Try Dr. Andrew Weil’s “4-7-8” breathing trick to help you fall asleep in less than 1 minute:

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