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“You Too Dey Behave Like Mumu Sometimes” Tekno Fan Troll Ex Star Wacomzy

-‘You Too Dey Behave Like Mumu Sometimes” Tekno Fan Troll Ex Star Wacomzy 

Your slim daddy who you probably know as Tekno took a break from studio session to smoke some weed

probably in a bid to receive more inspiration who knows, he shared the picture on his social media holding the smoke on his hand and captioned it thus “We needed more smokes on set”

I Celebrate crooner, now tagged an ex star wanted to give a piece of advice which didn’t seem to go well as many Tekno fans came for him

Accusing him of seeking cheap fame off Teknos page and even going as far as calling him an ex star

He obviously didn’t mean harm as he was trying to advice Tekno on the defect of smoking weed and alcohol

Here is what he said

 “Hey guys as much as we all love tekno , pls remember that weed is not for everybody . Buying weed with ur money is same as burning your cash with fire. Weed, cigarettes and masturbation will drain ur brain and leave you confused, in anxiety and will always make you paranoid . Pls take this from me with heart??“

However, a fan said he is only bitter because he is no longer a star

you too de behave like Mumu atimes you know why ? Cause you see other successful celebs on this page commenting good things and you that is an ex star you come out here and open your mind like you have a lot of bitterness in your heart ! Let me advice you if your dreads are covering your sense ! Keep your opinion to yourself most times , you must not seek for fame through this way ! I know you wished @teknoofficial replied so you go trend well well ! So at your age na controversy you wan take revive your career ? And a fan just told you to STFU and said you were a one hit wonder , is being called a one hit wonder a curse ? Now see how you start to curse unnecessarily like your heart is bitter !have a rethink about this now that waconzy that so many people haven’t heard of all of sudden na instablog carry your news for mumu thing you do ! Instead of a good news of you having a new jam ! Smh ! You fuck up bro waconzy.


That was quite a show, i bet even him didn’t expect such a comeback. did he really deserve the comeback.

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