What!!!! See what SARZ did to Dancer, Singer and Model Kora Obidi

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-What!!!! See what SARZ did to Dancer, Singer and Model Kora Obidi-

 What!!!! See what SARZ did to Dancer, Singer and Model Kora Obidi, EF2186A3-58F7-4724-AE99-2EE8BE8CF2C2

Kora Obidi the renounced dancer, model and actress went through an assault in the hand of a police man

Earlier today on Etim Iyang, Victoria Island Lagos.

She identified her assaulter as Olorunisola Ismail

The force man Allegedly gained access into her car, gave her a factory resetting dirty slap and smashed her phone.

As to why he did that, the dancer reported that she found the police man sitting on her car bonnet and decided to film him.

However, when the police man noticed what she was doing forcefully grabbed her writs, smashed her phone and landed her a slap

Clearly you can’t do that around here, even though you are said to have the right to.

According to her, her ears are still in severe pains from the slap she received from him.

This is what happens when you forget you are in Nigeria

Everyone have their cruel Lagos story or series of stories. Here is hers


Here is her narrative:

Phone smashed and physically assaulted by a police officer OLORUNISOLA ISMAIL on Etim Nyang Victoria island

Who gained access into my car gave me a dirty slap and grabbed my wrist and my phone. Smashes my phone and keeps shouting. This was after I attempted to record him sitting on my Bonnet. I forgot I was in Lagos, not America. But is it not our right? am still dizzy from the slap chai

What do you think is the right thing to do in this situation? 





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