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What??? Kizz Daniel Unfollows Chidinma On Instagram


What??? Kiss Daniel Unfollows Chidinma On Instagram

This certainly is not the kind of news we like to hear on a new week. 

We do know celebrities always take out their personal fights via certain actions on Instagram.

Now when two rumoured love birds like Kizz Daniel and Chidinma Ekile unfolow each other on Instagram, then something is fishy.

The two love birds have been rumoured to be dating since 2017, outside hints like being seen together in kizz  Daniel’s bedroom

They both also got matching tattoos….Awwwn.

Recently Chidinma  has been dishing out some indirect relationship subs, disguised as tips.

She even recently posted about how she is not meant for you if she can’t kiss you in the morning  before brushing

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We did suspect something could be going just not right in her alleged relationship with Kizz Daniel. 

Seeing that, Kizz Daniel who at a time Unfollowed everyone except Chidinma is no longer following her.

We do have reasons to believe, their relationship may not be in its best shape.

However, we’d like to believe our assumptions are not totally right

Since, Chidinma still follows him on IG!

Or what do ya say?? 



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