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Viral Video Of 5Years Old Taju Has Got Celebrities On The Lookout For Him

A five years old little boy by the name Taju is going viral on social media after a video of him answering questions in English goes viral. 

In the Video an unknown Interview questions him in English, asking him his age, his name and his school

Taju, does not understand English yet but seems very curious and is willing to learn

When the interview asked him his age, Taju replied


The interviewer jokingly called him a dummy in Yoruba Language. 

Taju, replied that he doesn’t know what How old are you means and asked the person beside him who told him what to say in response to that

Taju enthusiastically responded

“I am Five Years Old”

When Taju was asked, what is the name of your school.

He replied that he doesn’t go to school. 

This little cutie has caught the attention of many celebrities who are on the lookout for Little  Taju.

Aylive, falzthebadguy and many others are on the lookout for Taju.

Incase you know Taju, kindly connect him to this well meaning Nigerians who wants to send him to school this summer and give him a sound education.

Watch TAJU’S Video Below:



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