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Toyin Lawani: “Every man is entitled to 10 women, even pastors cheat.”

Toyin Lawani

Yesterday, Sunday 17th June was a day dedicated to fathers all over. While many celebrities shared lovely photos of their fathers and husband, showering them with sweet celebratory words, Toyin Lawani who’s been a single mum, after splitting up with her baby daddy, also had some things to say.

However, instead of celebrating fathers, she went on to blast women who celebrate themselves as fathers. Well, it has been noticed as a trend that single mothers take to their social media pages to celebrate themselves as both mother and father (in the absence of one).

Toyin Lawani

In response to the trend, mother and CEO of fashion and beauty enterprise Tiannah’s Empire made a celebratory Father’s Day post on social media, and here is the controversial caption that followed:

“To fathers, to all the idiot mums that think a mothers’ space can ever be replaced by a fathers’ space in their kids lives. Get this ehn? You can never grow a dick. Better believe and start acting right, even if the fathers of our kids are dead beats? Ehn? You have to make it work for the future, for the sake of the child who didn’t beg you to Born him. Every man is entailed to 10 women even pastors cheat. You better recognise and act right, for the sake of the children that didn’t beg you to bring them to live. Our world is corrupt; just make it work for your kids’ sake. Kids could grow up hating their dads like me.

After addressing her female fans and anyone who cared to listen, she continued, saying:

“Happy Father’s Day @lordtrigg. Even though you act immature cause you are young, you gave me the greatest gift no human can and he’s @lordmaine2. I’m grateful for that forever. Love wins always for the sake of our kid. I know how hard u try and I refuse beause I’m capable. We love you and we wish you well on your new album. You think I’m stupid, but I will always make it work because of my kid. I’m happy with my man, he’s happy with his girl but we share a bond and we must unite for his sake and the future of @lordmaine2 your future president.”


As expected, many fans who read her caption had something to say.

Take a look at a few reactions:

Toyin-Lawani Toyin-Lawani

Hmm…we all do have very different opinions. What do you think?

Do you agree with her? 

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