Thursday, July 2

Taju Has Been Found By Celebrities: Don Jazzy Donates 500 Thousand To Support His Education

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Two days ago Video of A Five year Old boy named went viral on social media

Many celebrities started the search for the smart 5 years old boy who’s smartness and cuteness caught the attention of many who were willing to send him to a proper  school after the video revealed he doesn’t go to school

The good news is that Taju has been found by Actress and producer Funmi Awelewa

Who went on a long search for the little boy. And finally located  him, his parents and his relatives in Ibadan, Nigeria

In a picture Funmi Awelewa posted on her instagram page, Taju, his mother, father, grandmother and elder sister where all included

took to his Instagram Page to announce that sent him the sum of five hundred thousand naira as his own contribution in the support of the viral video sensation education.

Awalewa also shared a video of her reaction when she met Taju. The actress and her team were all excited as she rushed to embrace the little boy and they asked him similar questions from his viral video

She assured him that he will go to school  now that he’s been found. 

This seems like a divine breakthrough for the little boy and his family as he will now be able to go to school and hopefully his family will be set up to take care of him and see him through school.

We cannot wait to see Taju in his school uniform with his usual charming and contagious smiles. 

Taju goes to school!!! 

Watch video here




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