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Shocker!!! See How Much Ariana Grande’s Engagement Ring is Worth (In Naira).

Ariana Grande and fiance Pete Davidson

The engagement of American singer Ariana Grande and standup comedian, Pete Davidson has everyone talking, and now her engagement ring. The couple who only started dating officially in May this year, announced their engagement to be married, a few days ago. 

Despite the shock and concern expressed by fans and loved ones since their announcement, these 24-year-olds have stuck together like glue. Seen ever so often together on social media and everywhere else, they are obviously in love and happy together.

ariana grande and pete davidson

The shocker, however, is Ariana was seen shortly after the engagement, to be wearing a giant diamond ring which her fiance bought her. This diamond ring is reported to have cost a whopping $93k!!!  Don’t worry, we’ll wait while you do the Maths. That’s about 33,573,000 NAIRA!!! for an engagement ring.

*Singing* (in Jennifer Hudson’s voice) “If this isn’t love, tell me what it is!”

Truth is, this isn’t so much, considering who this 24 year-olds are. Like many American celebrities, they can afford such a worthy luxury. So, let’s just call it a beautiful sparkly investment.

Now, the question of how reasonable their engagement is or whether it was done too soon or how long their love will last, is entirely up to the lovebirds. We wish them all the best!

Meanwhile, check out the big diamond star shining so bright on her finger:

Ariana Grande engaged

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande

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