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OAP Reacts To Tiwa Savage’s Accusation: She Has To Show Proof I Begged Her For Money

-OAP Reacts To Tiwa Savage’s Accusation: She Has To Show Proof I Begged Her For Money 

Recently there’s been war between Tiwa Savage, Yemi Alade and Hotfm OAP missi 

Whom stated during an Interview with Yemi Alade that Yemi Alade  has vocal range  While Tiwa Savage Shouts

Allegedly, in response to the OAP’s inappropriate comparison

Tiwa Savage dished out some hot sub which fans concluded was for the OAP

Tiwa referred to someone who has to be in the media and exposed their coming to her to beg her money after saying ill about her and when she asks them they seem to give the excuse that they are simply doing their job and nothing more

In these defence of Misi she also laid similar claims of doing her job  when confronted by  Sunday Scoop on why she made such assertions concerning the singer

Here is what she said In response to that

“The type of industry we are in; we are constantly faced with comparison. For example, I have a colleague I’m constantly compared to at work. I did my job by showing my personality as an on air personality. The only problem is that some people do not agree with my opinion and that’s fine.”

As for the Tiwa Savage’s claims of her begging her money she simply said she doesn’t believe Tiwa was taking about her

However, if Tiwa was talking about her then she had to show her proof

In her own words:

“Personally, I don’t believe she was talking about me. But if she is, she needs to show evidence to that fact. The situation has been blown way out of proportion than what the intentions of the discussion were actually meant to be. People are giving it way too much credence.”

Hopefully Tiwa Will come out clear concerning who exactly she was referring to in her statement on her IG Story

Because it did sound so much like she was referring to Hotfm OAP Missi.

Or what do you think?


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