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No Actress Wants To Kiss Me In Movies – Ghanaian Actor Cries Out

No actress wants to Kiss me…Ghanaian Actor Cries out

Kumawood actor Yaw Audu who is  popularly known as SumSum has cried out to the world about Ghanaian actresses. 

He wants actresses to tell him why they refuse to kiss him in movies even when directors tell  them to do so 

He revealed this in a recent interview.

Going on to state that when he tries to kiss an actress in a movie they always turn him down. As soon as it gets to that part where they ought to kiss.

However, he stated that he had kissed only one actress in a movie before.

only that she wasn’t a movie star… Clearly doesn’t count right?

He also added that he got the opportunity to kiss Vivian Jill a Ghanaian start  in a movie where she was looking for a child and he had to be the one to sleep with her for her to conceive

Sadly, when it got to that part, she blatantly turned him down and dodged him when he tried to kiss her”

On why she didn’t kiss him, here is what he had to say

“I didn’t ask her why she dodged me because I didn’t believe in myself either. Perhaps they think since I have big eyes I might knock them down with it, which scares them” 

SumSum, furthering on said that, Ghanaian actresses discriminate against some of them from Kumasi when it comes to kissing

To drive this point home he spoke about a movie he saw where a kumasi actor like him was directed to kiss Jackie Appiah but she denied him.

Stating that if it was Majid Michael, She wouldn’t have denied him the kiss

Do you think that It is just SumSum bulgy eyes that scares this Ghanaian stars

or is there more to his predicament? Someone gotta tell him you know…Lol!

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