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Man Who Predicted Nigerian 2-0 Score Against Iceland Currently A National Hot Cake

– Nigerian Man Who Predicted Nigeria’s 2-0 score against Iceland Currently A National Hot Cake

Nigerian Man who predicted 2-0 score against Iceland

Did you watch the Nigeria’s match against Iceland?  And even if you did not. Then you are certainly aware of Nigeria’s unmatched victory against Iceland!

2-0 scored by Our incredible player Musa!!! Yes, Musa scored both goals… He is the best thing to happen to Nigeria right now!

Musa Goal in Nigeria vs Iceland game – World Cup 2018

Making nigerians happier than they have ever been since President Buhari came into power… Someone said!

But before the incredible match, a twitter user identified as Tolulope tweeted a dream he had where a team scored 2-0 and both goals were scored by one person only that in his dream it wasn’t clear if it was for or against Nigeria

The Nigerian man’s tweet went viral after the match and trust Nigerians many of them even went in search of him

Asking him to come and see into their personal lives and their futures.

Some even asked him to open a church and start dishing out prophecies… Quite thoughtful isn’t it?

Here are some of the direct messages that transpired between the Nigerian man and other twitter users in his DM.

A Dm between him and a Desperate Nigerian

VIa twitter!

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