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Man Allegedly Spots His Dead Wife In Lagos

Man Allegedly Spots His Dead Wife In Lagos


Do you believe in ghosts? Or  Do you think such stories are just mere superstition?


This ghost story allegedly happened life in Oshodi, Lagos State Nigeria to a man who’s wife died by accident…. And yes, he buried her himself

So that rules out the chances of her surviving the accident and possibly losing her memory and then starting a new life… Quite obliviously

The man identified as Okechukwu James Uwa from ezaggbo in Ebonyi State said he was travelling to Aba when he stopped at Lagos quickly to see a friend

Only to see her in a bike with another man while moving through “Oshodi” 

He did not believe his eyes so he called out her name.

The woman immediately disappeared on sighting him.

The man carrying her on the bike fainted and had to be resuscitated. After which he was questioned on how he came across her

The man carrying her on talking about how he met her said that he met her in a church

He added that they have been living together for 8 months now….say what????

Here is the husband of the woman’s narrative:

“my wife died of motor accident two years ago which I have finished her burial but am shocked to see her with a man who was conveying her in his motorcycle.

” At first, I hesitated until I summoned courage and when I called her by her name, on turning to see me she disappeared.

Below was what the Alleged Manfriend of the ghost also said. 

“She told me she was all alone in Lagos working but told me she was from Ebonyi state.

” I have many times requested that I meet her people but she would decline saying that her people are evil’.


Now this is interesting isn’t it!? Considering the fact that when people die and are buried are not supposed to be seen in flesh any more. 

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