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I Haven’t Had Sex Since 2017 So I Feel Like A Virgin :Victoria Kimani

I feel like a Virgin –
Victoria Kimani

– I Haven’t Had Sex Since 2017 Victoria Kimani Speaks as she feels Like A Virgin

Victoria Kimani the American born Kenyan artiste who since five years ago took the African music industry by storm has come out with some shocking details about her personal sexual and relationship life she wants us to know

She shared a video on her instagram where she revealed that she has never had sex with anybody since she parted ways with her Nigerian ex-boyfriend Stanley Obiamalu

She also revealed it is by sheer coincidence this has been the case for her as she asked between her and guys who were at fault.

Victoria Kimani feels like a virgin  via Instagram

She says because she is ready and has been ready.

Stating that being celibate for her has been like global warming.

In an earlier interview she said:

Honestly I feel like a virgin right now. My love life has been non existent. I have not been in a relationship for like 6 months now and I haven’t tried to bother to like find someone else” 


On relationships and preference for a man: She stated that she would never want to have anything to do with any man whatsoever who is a celebrity

Her reason being that she has tried it with her ex who is a video producer and director and it didn’t workout. Killing her initial notion of it as the best  

Because to her there are some beneficial facts of dating a public figure like herself who is also in the arts and entertainment industry. 

She thinks the person would be more understanding and more considerate, in that the person is already in the industry and understand how it works.

Victoria Kimani feels like a virgin via Instagram

She also stated that if she dates an outsider and tells him that she is in the studio recording by 2am he would think she is lying and probably with another man.

On the contrary, she thinks celebrity  guys have too many groupies! I. E. they have so many girls in the world at their disposal

Don’t you think her Claims have no valid basis? 

Share with us your thoughts. 


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