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Gunshot Sound Effect Gone Wrong as Eminem Performs at Festival.


Prominent American rapper Marshall Bruce Mathers III, known as Eminem was performing at Tennessee festival this past Saturday when a loud shot went off from the stage, terrifying many of his fans.

The use of sound effects while performing on stage is one of the perks of a live performance, which is totally normal. But fans at the festival went into panic mode when Eminem used a realistic gunshot sound effect

The rapper was performed his song ‘Kill You’ at the Bonnaroo music festival, while fans rapped along until the sound effect went off, that automatically left the concert ground in chaos.


A few of his fans in response to this, expressed their displeasure at the turn of event, considering the recent shootings and killings in America. One of whom is singer Macy Kate. 

Here’s what she tweeted:

“Coming from a performing stand point, i get the effect of sound effects on stage, but there’s a certain point that cross’s the line. i’m one of Eminem’s number 1 fans but to hear 3 gun shots coming straight from his set had me scared af. not gonna lie. especially in this world..” 

Here’s a screenshot of other fans’ tweet in response to the general displeasure:


Interesting how people see things (events) differently. One truth remains though- these are definitely sensitive times. Too sensitive to take such lightly. Don’t you think?


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