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Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Has A Problem With Men Holding The Door Open For Women

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on a table talk aired on Comedy central expressed her bias concerning men holding the door open for women.

The Feminist And Award-winning  Novelist was of the opinion that if men must hold the door for women, then women should be able to do the same.

She also added that it is chivalry at play in such incidence most often than not.

She claimed to  hold the door open for women and men alike  and also likes the idea of being ushered in

Only that she is more concerned about the intention not being because she is a woman, and Therefore should be ushered in by the male.

Many have since then rebuked that idea of not being ushered in because they are busy trying to figure out the man’s intention.

In a society like ours where it is expected of a gentleman to hold the door open for a lady, for the simple reason that she is a lady and should be protected.

Chimamanda also condemns this idea and implied that most women are stronger than men and shouldn’t be treated as weak by the males.

In her opinion, in times and the instance of danger where men, women, and children are present. The idea of women and children LEAVING first is chivalrous.

Rather, children and the weak people should be ushered out first, Irrespective of their gender differences.

Eyebrows have been raised and there have been tongue and text lashes from both men and women condemning her recent feminist activism.

Many think that Chimamanda is losing it and gradually expressing her hate towards the male gender.

Someone Wrote:

“Prince Harry Held the Door for Meghan mackle, and it wasn’t an act of portraying her as weak or not strong enough, but was an act of sheer respect, regard and Love for her by the prince. And often times, this is mostly the case and how women see it.”

Another person added:

“When the door is held open for me by a man, I feel stronger, I feel highly esteemed and respected and in that moment it is about how I feel as a person and not about what his intention is. Never has that made me feel weak not lesser than the man.”

Is this Feminism or just sheer hate for the male folks from the respected Feminist and Novelist? ???


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