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Chika Lann Cuts Her 40 Million Naira Hair Over Nigeria’s Loss To Crotea

Chika Lann Cuts Hair Worth 40m Naira
Via: instagram

40 Million Naira? Yes Chika Lann has become seemingly famous because of her famous wire-Like Local threaded hair which she said is worth 40 million naira.

When you hear, OUT OF THIS WORLD, you might want to relate the phrase to Chika Lann’s over expensive hairstyle, maybe not the hair exactly, but the alleged worth of it

Which exceeds the worth of Davido’s girlfriend’s Porsche alleged to be worth 30 million naira 

Chika Lann Cuts Hair Worth 40m Naira Via: Instagram

Well, Chika Lann before the match between Nigeria and Crotea threatened to take out the hair if Nigeria dare lose the match

Who knew she meant it, until she took to her instagram page to share with us her natural hair and also added that she did not just take off the 40 Million Naira Hair but also cut her natural hair

Further revealing her white hair underneath the dyed tips  of her hair.

Many people have been daring me to lose my hair… But, I don’t care. I don’t do what people tell me to do. I only loosed it because of my Promise. I am still Chika Lann with or without the 40M hair. #boldlady #kingwoman #myhairisworth40m

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Now that Chika Lann has cut her hair, which many have come out to reveal that they do not care at all if she cuts her hair or doesn’t cut it.

Some have also come out to prove her over such supposed diabolic act. 

Hair cutting in some parts of  Africa  for women, is done during the mourning of the death of a loved one.

Is Chika Lann, indirectly telling us she is mourning our beloved country Nigeria or is this just another of her attention seeking tactics?

Share with us your thoughts on this act by Chika Lann. 

We would like to hear from you. 



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