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Charles Okocha aka I Deserve Some Accolades: Give me 10 million Views Or I Go Stark Naked



Charles Okocha, released his debut Video for His Single Accolades ft Wonder da hypeman today, 6th June The legendary Hype man behind his accolades video and more.

The actor cum singer shared on his Instagram page that he will quite Instagram or go stark naked if he doesn’t get 10 million Views under 24hours.

His hypeman known for his bandana mask. Also threatened to take off his mask if they hit the targeted 10 million Views on their YouTube channel

The countdown has begun for over one hour now since he dropped the music video on his YouTube channel.

He has asked for this accolade long enough and now is the time to give him the accolades that he deserves. Chee!!!

Where all his fans at? Head on to his YouTube channel and donate a view or two before he goes Nunu on y’all. Could go a long way for  who’s accolades craze has become a global trend.

We global now!!! Chee!!”


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