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Cardi B Lavish Baby Shower: What You Didn’t Know Until Now

-Cardi B Lavish Baby Shower:What you didn’t know till now 

Cardi B on 26th June 2018 had a wild baby shower in anticipation of her unborn child BARDI whom she revealed is expected to arrive on 26 July 2018

TheBodak Yellow Hit Maker” invited her loved ones to her lavish mansion to celebrate her baby’s impending birthday.

A source revealed it was very wild and also a special moment for  Cardi B and her husband Offset. Yes! her Husband!

Days ago, it was revealed that offset and Cardi B secretly got married in their house, in her pyjamas.

During which only one  family member was there to witness the wedding…..Which Cardi B confirmed to be true

What a spontaneous wedding right?

Well. They signed the papers, and they are actually a couple! Which explains  why, offset often refers to her as his wife.

Cardi B at her baby shower in Atlanta  looked super stunning and drop dead gorgeous.

As she donned a $4, 99 Tom Ford Spring 2018 Bustier Ruched Gown

Cardi B also hired a photo boot encouraging her guests to snap with pink stuffed animals.           So that she could treasure the memory forever.

Now, to make sure all of her guests which included her family and friends from New York city and the Dominican Republic were fed well,

She provided a spread of chicken laid with waffles and meat balls

The effect of the party that went on till 4am took its toll on Cardi B

As she took to her Instagram on 27th of June to Thank her guests for coming. Stating that she hadn’t been able to open the gifts because she’s been sick

She also made it clear the greatest gift was their gracing her baby shower. Since it turned out to be a massive success

Baby shower goals or nah??

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