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Burna Boy and Kanye West with “Ye” – Could this just be a coincidence?

The streaming numbers for Burna Boy’s Ye” have gone up to a whopping 200% and counting! Guess what. Kanye West is responsible.

Ye, a track from his latest album Outside, which will be his sixth album so far, has been trending since it got out. Now with over eight hundred thousand streamings on Youtube.

Well, it’s not hard to see why, as Burna Boy has always served us hot, conscious and vibrant reggae music with a touch of that Afrocentric feel, definitely inspired by Fela’s style of music.

Just this morning, it was recorded that his hit track “Ye” and Kanye West’s newly released Album with the same title is responsible for the numbers.

So, it’s safe to call this a very good coincidence.

As expected, Burna Boy, excited about this, took to his Insta story, thanking world-famous rapper Kanye for such a good fortune.

Isn’t this the kind of coincidence any artist could wish for?

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